About Us

Ali Joy

Ali grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio and found her first creative outlet through theater.  Since then, Ali's creative interests have expanded to many: dabbling in drawing, creative writing, pottery, macrame, painting, and ukulele playing.  Her husband is even teaching her how to use the lathe!

Ali is an occupational therapist working with children with disabilities and their families.  She is a proud advocate for mental illness, having bipolar disorder herself, and shares her story through her blog at www.mentalillnessismysuperpower.com

By creating her own simple, but artsy affirmations with nothing more than paper and markers during a particularly difficult struggle with depression, she realized the power of words.   Ali hopes to promote self care, positive self-image, and mental health growth for others through her own artwork.


Duece Joy

Duece grew up in Belpre, Ohio and found his first creative outlet in learning bass guitar. Since then, Duece's hobbies have grown to be many things. Woodworking, woodcarving, graphic design, photography, computer games, and home projects. 

Duece attended college in Cincinnati and graduated with a degree in Graphic Design. Since then, his passions have developed into creating more tangible objects. Hand carving spoons, crafting cutting boards, turning bowls on the lathe, and so on. 

By hand carving spoons and gifting them to friends and family, Duece discovered great satisfaction knowing that people would cherish something crafted by his own two hands.  As someone who loves handmade goods himself, Duece hopes that those who purchase his wooden items find great joy in using them everyday. 

The Joys

Duece and Ali dated for five years before Duece finally popped the question, with a diamond ring placed inside of a handmade wooden ring box, of course!  They got married in August 2016 and honeymooned in Aruba, their first international trip together.  Since then, they have grown closer both emotionally and creatively, supporting each other's passions all the way.  Together they enjoy traveling, hiking, listening to music, long Jeep rides, finding new places to eat, and deep discussions about politics, spirituality, and their hopes and dreams.